Core team

Core team

Zhang Tao 

General Manager

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, he has deep accumulation and influence in the vehicle industry chain; he has held senior management positions in SAIC Volkswagen, Baosteel Arcelor, and Volkswagen United

Core team

Zhang Bo 

Technical Executive Manager

He successively worked in the Ordnance Research Institute and Microsoft, and started his own business in 2007.

Core team

Wang Zhenggang 

Business Quality Executive Manager

20 years of automotive industry experience, has held senior management positions in SAIC Volkswagen, Germany

Core team

Lu Tao 

Chief scientist

He successively worked in Shenzhen Ricoh and Germany Melon, leading the development of the first batch of CAN gateway products for domestic brands.

Core team

Shen Bin

Deputy General Manager of Operations

21 years of experience in the automotive industry have successively served as process technology directors of Kosda in Germany and MANN + HUMMEL.

Core team




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