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  • Shanghai || Shanghai || Huangpu District
  • 5-10 years
  • Regular college
  • Full time
  • 1
Description of position:
Job goals:
Complete the hardware development of the company's products.
main duty:
(1) Responsible for product hardware design;
(2) Responsible for product hardware schematic design and PCB design;
(3) Responsible for product hardware device selection and BOM finishing;
(4) Responsible for writing related documents of product hardware design;
(5) Responsible for rectification of EMC test problems;
(6) Responsible for technical support for hardware PCBA production.
Competence and requirements:
(1) Major: Automation, computer, electronics and vehicle engineering, etc .;
(2) Knowledge: Strong hardware design and development work;
(3) Skills: familiar with EDA development tools such as Cadence, DXP;
(4) Special skills: PCB Layout design ability, EMC design ability;
(5) Communication: Strong communication skills and ability to collaborate with teams;
(6) Educational requirements: Bachelor / Master / PhD;
Work experience: More than 5 years of hardware development experience.
Place of work; both Xi'an and Shanghai
Phone: 029-89525183
Contact: Miss Zhao
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No. 15, Yizheng City, Jiangsu Province, the number of car park avenue


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