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Description of position:
Job goals:
Responsible for the trial production of prototypes in the development stage
main duty:
(1) Prepare and manage the sample trial production process of R & D department;
(2) Organize the R & D related departments to participate in sample preparation, formulate and track the sample preparation plan, and carry out the sample delivery work;
(3) Manage the application, registration and distribution of samples and parts of the R & D department;
(4) Monthly summary of sample tracking work of R & D department, company logistics department, commerce department and quality assurance department;
(5) Inventory management of the R & D department;
(6) Track the project plan in a timely manner, obtain sample demand information, and organize sample preparation.
(7) Project management of R & D department.
Competence and requirements:
(1) Bachelor degree, major in automation control or computer or vehicle engineering.
(2) Familiar with the project development process of automotive electronics products and have project management experience.
(3) Able to use CAD, CATIA and other software to view product assembly drawings.
(4) Familiar with the company's products and be able to arrange sample trial production plans in a timely and reasonable manner;
(5) Proficient in using Word, excel, PPT, Project software, and have good ability to organize documents;
(6) Be proficient in using multimeter, oscilloscope, caliper, program-controlled power test and measurement equipment;
(7) Skilled in using PCB soldering technology such as electric iron, hot air gun.
(8) Good at communication and teamwork.
(9) CET level 4 and above, proficient in viewing English documents.
Post specific ability requirements (optional):
(1) C1 driver's license is preferred.
(2) Familiar with the electrical system of passenger vehicles.
(3) Understand the development process and process of automotive modules, and have test experience above the module level.
Place of work; both Xi'an and Shanghai
Phone: 029-89525183
Contact: Miss Zhao
Resume delivery email;




No. 15, Yizheng City, Jiangsu Province, the number of car park avenue


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