Our vision

Create a world's advanced automotive electronics company/Enterprise and build a world-class team

Explanation of "World's Advanced Automotive Electronics Enterprise"
The benchmark we set: Bosch
We should develop advanced products and innovative services, they should even be ahead of known needs. We must also develop the ability to promote these products and services into mainstream demand.
Explanation of "World Quality Team"
Constantly winning; members could not only share material benefits, but also share positive values and feel happy at work.


Our mission

Use technology and innovation to make people see a better world

Explanation of mission: Technology and innovation are the foundation of the company's survival, and all our efforts should be firmly locked in the field of vision. Create value by creating better visual experiences for customers.

Our perspective

Thanksgiving, cooperation, responsibility, and enterprising (priority of our business decisions, selection and employment criteria, and elements of assessment)



Customer Orientation: Take "Creating Value for Customers" as the starting point.

Social responsibility: Don't /Never sacrifice human health, safety and happiness for profit.



Win-win thinking: While thinking for yourself, don't forget to take care of the interests of others.


Harmony and Difference: Accept everyone's differences and applaud the "differences."



Courage to take responsibility: take the initiative to take personal responsibility; be willing to take responsibility beyond the duties of the post.

Be consistent in words and deeds: say what you do, do what you say.



The pursuit of better: today's high standards are tomorrow's general standards.


Open innovation: Recognizing that people will have shortcomings, so they are willing to learn and improve, and are not attached to the past ideas and methods.




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